Thursday, December 31, 2009

Scaremongering time again

Another year, another set of made up Labour scare stories designed to frighten the vulnerable and be reproduced on a leaflet.

Year after year Labour councillors pretend to be planning to write a budget, just to get their greasy paws on budget options from officers.

Officer proposals that is, not Lib Dem proposals, and in most cases these are options Lib Dem Councillors have already rejected.

They are given to Labour anyway in case Labour wish to include them in the Labour budget - not that they have written a proper budget this century.

So isn't it astonishing how year after year these confidential documents slip out of the paws of Labour councillors and under a journalist's pint glass.

And yes, of course they somehow get presented as being Lib Dem budget options.

It's amazing what tales you can get published these days.

Fortunatly no one outside of Old Hall Street belives a word Labour have to say anymore.

The Post & Echo were once such respected organs, yet it's heart was ripped out when Trinity turned it into the "Oldham Echo", and clearly it's liver is in a perilous state too!

Time for a new year detox perhaps?


Pissed old hack said...

I wonder if those American gentlemen who own LFC might be interested in diversifying ?

Anonymous said...

is flo clucas an officer?

she has said closing park rd baths is an option!

Basil the butchers dog said...

I think the Echo should run a free sausage promotion

Butterfly said...

Can you imagine Mr Healthy Joe Anderson swimming a few lengths of Park Rd baths ?

Anonymous said...

The Labour government, on balance, has been very kind toward liverpool. You, the fib dems, have had it easy, and have chosen to squander money on waste of time things like penguin trails.
Contrast that with when Labour last run Liverpool. They had to deal with a mean and vindictive Thatcher government, and the only contribution the fib dems made was to boo and hiss from the opposition benches.
Grow up. The fib dems are nothing but a bunch of amateurs. Roll on May when we see the back of you lot.

Anonymous said...

And so the rewriting of history as begun!

Anonymous said...

Rumour has it Joe Ando and Liebour want to take more Fire Engines away if they win the election in May........following the Labour run Fire Authorities decision to remove Old Swan, City Centre, Crosby and Wallasey........they are campaigning to get them back - watch out, only until May. Dont be duped by Anderson and Liebour, also watch out for the demise of the Intensive Burns beds at Alder Hey & Whiston, after May Liebour will make them go up in smoke.

Former Labour voter said...

You simply cannot trust Labour !