Thursday, October 1, 2009

Playing politics with Hillsborough

Has Labour sunk to a new low?

Anyone typing "Labour" into Google yesterday would have been confronted with an advert attacking The Sun chipwrappingpaper and comparing the paper's recent treatment of the Labour party with it's shameful coverage of the Hillsborough disaster - complete with link to the Labour website.


Quickly realizing how spectacularly this was about to backfire, particularly in Liverpool, our very own pitbull Joe Anderson was quickly wheeled out to deny that this was an official Labour party advert.

Regardless of whether it was official or not, someone in the Labour party thought that it was a good idea. Whoever it was who did this, they need to be quickly hunted down, exposed and everyone involved kicked out of the party - if not then the whole party should be rightly condemned.


Anonymous said...

Dude, there is no way Joe Anderson would know about official Labour advertising so any denial from him is not worth the paper it is printed on.

Ethical Bill said...

We know there are some perverted minds in the Labour party.

I wonder if this advert comes from the same sick activists that created Labour's Speke campaign in 2006?

The Labour party collectively should feel ashamed to have such people fighting for them.

A real scouse boy said...

Have to agree with Bill, sick minds indeed.

Disgusted said...

I bet Kennedy keeps her mouth shut again !

Let's twist again said...

Kennedy used to suck up to the Sun ! What's she going to do now ?

Anonymous said...

And the proof is?

Rupee said...

I'm sure she'll get on quite well with the Daily Mail