Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bulldog turns chicken

My spies tell me that Lou-Bo chickened out of a major public meeting in Kensington that was discussing the future of her ward last night.

Spoiling for a fight, Lou-Bo, Twice Monthly Nick, Blackpool Liam and Wendy the Weimaraner had actually demanded that a neighbourhood committee meeting be cancelled so that they could turn up to Kensington Regeneration's last ever annual public meeting.

The meeting was discussing plans to replace Kensington Regeneration when it winds up in 6 months time with a Community Interest Company, to be run by the local community with all residents as members.

Even though this is Labour party policy, and the model used by almost every other "New Deal for Communities" area in the country, Labour councillors objected. Instead demanding to control the money themselves so that they could claim credit for how it was spent.

Angry residents got wind of their plans and turned up "mob handed" ready to take on their Labour Councillors, and the police were on hand in case things turned ugly. Residents won support from the Bishop of Liverpool and even invited Lib Dem champ Colin Eldridge along to stand up for them.

Alas the battle was not to be.

Realising that despite two weeks of spreading lies and half truths in the community local residents were still against them, the Labour Warriors turned tail and fled.

It just shows what communities can do when they stand together against Labour.

As a result Louise, Wendy, Nick, Christine & Sharon, and particularly Liam Sir Robbinson, the following song is dedicated to you.


Mrs Gillian Smith said...

What a bunch of losers !

Beech St Dave said...

Cowards the lot of them! They should have come and faced the music like men instead of running away like rats.

Joe Ando said...

They should all resign or be sacked... oh sorry they're on my side aren't they?

Anonymous said...

I don't suppose you'll publish these comments, but I'm amazed to hear that so many angry residents wanted to speak to me about the succession strategy when (a) I've already been to speak to the residents I represent in Kensington at the Kensington Fields Neighbourhood Assembly last week and every resident there supported my opposition and (b) when I've written to every resident I represent in Kensington to explain the reasons I've had for opposition the strategy and asking residents to tell them what they think. So far I've had over 100 reponses supporting me and none opposing me.
Let's just see what happens at tommorrow's Executive Board shall we. I've not given up hope of getting a better deal for the taxpayer and more accountability. Let's see if you've got the guts to publish this, Dude.
Regards Cllr Nick Small
PS if any Kensington residents want to contact me, my email address is nick.small@liverpool.gov.uk.

Mrs Gillian Smith said...

Beech St Dave ? Are you the same Dave who used to be a Labour Party member years ago ? I remember you if you are. Labour must be in real trouble if you've gone against them.

Dude the Dog said...

Yes I've got "the guts" to publish Mr Small, I have always been happy to publish comments as long as they are not overly offensive.

Now is it true that you had a meeting moved because it clashed with this public meeting?

If so, why did none of you turn up to hear what residents had to say?

Anonymous said...

Dude. I am told that there was no sign of Cllr Small at the Executive Board this morning. There were lots of members of the public there so it is possible he was hidden from view. Cllr Sidorczuk was spotted there. Apparently there was a long discussion on this very issue in public because the exec members said it shouldn't be restricted.

Anonymous said...

I had something else in my diary on Wednesday, which is why I couldn't attend the Annual Meeting. Anyone who knows me will know that I've never run away from an argument.

I'm accoutable to the people who elect me, not the Kensington Regeneration Board and as far as I'm concerned I've explained my opposition to the sucession strategy to my constituents at the last Kensington Fields Neighbourhood Assesmbly. I have yet to meet a constituent in central ward who actually supports what is being proposed. Maybe you can contradict me. I've also met privately with the Chief Executive of Kensington Regeneration to explain my position as a matter of courtesy.

I don't know who all these angry residents were on Wednesday night, but suspect they might be members of the KR/CIC boards who have a vested interest in the sucession strategy. They are, of course, entitled to their view that the Kensington regeneration sucession strategy is right, but I - and the majority of residents I represent think it's poor value for money and unaccoutable. Regards Nick

A Labour Councillor said...

What meeting is it we are meant to have moved? Please can you say, then we can check our diaries. Speaking personally I have not moved any meetings for any purpose in ages. So I would be curious to know.

What meeting was it, this meeting that you claim we failed to turn up to? And where was our invite to it?

I dont know, even today after all your blogging, where it was, when or at what time or what its title was etc.

Still at least they managed to invite Colin, so I expect everyone was cheered immensely and we were not missed at all.


A Labour Councillor

wheniwerealad said...

Such a nice view of a forest clearing in the Fylde. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Not sure dude why those labour people are saying they don't know what meeting you are on about. The phrses kensington regeneration and
Annual meeting surely make it clear.

A real scouse boy said...

In that case we shall do a freedom of information request to Kensington Regeneration to find out which councillors they invited.

But surely if a government regeneration scheme has only invited Lib Dems to their annual public meeting, ignoring the 6 labour councillors for the area, then shouldn't you be demanding answers yourselves?

Ethical Bill said...

Dear Nick,
I'm happy to accept your word that you had another engagement that evening. However it doesn't explain the absence of your five colleagues.

And, as I understand it, this was a large public meeting rather than just a meeting of a few board members.

Do you not think it's rather poor that you couldn't find one councillor to represent Labour?

Councillor Louise Baldock said...

Oh, the Kensington Regeneration AGM, yeah, that is the one they set for the beginning of October and I put it in my diary. And then they had to move it because the invites had not gone out in time and people had not had the statutory notice. The new date clashed because I was at a National Housing Federation Conference in Birmingham with the Chair of Venture Housing Association (HQ in Kensington). However, having been to 37 Kensington Regeneration meeting in 2009, of one sort or another, I have a pretty good record. Cheers, Councillor Baldock.

Anonymous said...

Dude I am somewhat surprised that one of Lou Bo's arguments was that the CCIF for Kensington was very oversubscribed and so she needed the money to meet the applications.

If you look at her blog you will see she is asking people to apply - in other words not oversubscribed at all!