Thursday, October 1, 2009

A week of crime

Gordon Brown boasted that 12 years of Labour had slashed crime by a third, only to be knocked a fatal blow a few hours later by a senior Labour Councillor.

Joe Hanson (AKA Sergeant Bilko) told street cleaners that his Kirkdale ward has now become so dangerous with knife wielding yobs that they should only work his neighbourhood in the mornings when the gangs are still in bed!

Too often people in inner city areas have long since given up on reporting crime, but why should Gordon care - it makes the figures look better.

I wonder how other Liverpool Labour members feel this week about their party's claim to have cut crime?

One candidate apparently complained to his (Lib Dem) councillor that his bike was stolen while campaigning for the Labour party at the weekend, while there is speculation that my blogging nemesis might also have been a unfortunate victim of crime, after she was spotted in a bruised and disheveled state yesterday.

Not a great week for Labour on crime then. Or anything else!

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Dixon of Lodge Lane said...

Seen in a Lodge Lane supermarket window today "Bullet/stab proof vests" £170 ONO. New Labour ? Bugger off !