Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chris for President

North West Euro-MP Chris Davies today launched an audacious bid to become president of Europe.

Announcing his "Stop Blair" candidature in a letter to European heads of state, Chris expressed a hope that his never having decieved parliament or caused the death of thousands of people, will not prejudice his application.

He finished by informing heads of state that his first executive role was chair of Liverpool's housing committee in the 1980's against opposition from Hatton's Militant Labour party. So chairing meetings of European heads of government should be a doddle after that!!!

As Chris points out, anyone can apply as there is no offical criteria. Even a blogging dog could be eligable.

How about it, should I put my name forward? Dude for President!


Lifelong Liberal said...

My Hero ! Chris for President !

Ethical Bill said...

Go for it Dude!

If you don't stand, then I will certainly back Chris

A real scouse boy said...

He's a good bloke, and it would do Liverpool's influence in Europe no end of good to have a former city councillor in charge. I'll certainly be voting for him (if I can manage to become a european head of state before the election)

Charles de Gaulle said...

Le Davies ? Oui !

Mrs A Merkel said...

I can certainly offer assurances Mr Davies would be the preferred option if the sole opponent is Mr Blair.