Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Doggy chips

I don't tend to take much notice of the goings on at the other end of the Mersey, yet this story on Withington MP John Leech's website did catch my attention.

John has been doing a very worthwhile job with the Dogs Trust in promoting the chipping of dogs, to make sure that my colleagues can always be returned to their owners if they should get lost.

But what really made me sit up and notice was his new glamorous assistant, Jessica, who was recently returned home safely thanks the tagging scheme.
Isn't she cute? I wonder if John could introduce me to her?


Joe the pitbull said...

Phwar! Get a look at the fur on that!

Dude the Dog said...

Oi! Show some respect for the lady.

John McCririck said...

Up the arm, up the arm ! Leechy's 4/7 favourite with Ladbrokes !

matchmaker said...

Hi Dude,
I'm going to John Leech's annual dinner tonight (guest speaker is Charles Kennedy, before you ask)so I will have a word with John and see if we can fix you up.

Twiggy said...

Annual dinner ? No wonder Mr Leech is so thin. Can't be claiming enough expenses !