Monday, October 19, 2009

Little Lord Makinson

This week's lookalike was suggested repeatedly by Joe Anderson, when ranting across the council chamber.

A particular hate figure for most on the opposition benches, several Labour councillors have expressed a grudging respect for his talents as a campaigner, and his continued electoral survival over the past decade in seats that Labour were convinced they would win, despite barely looking old enough to vote.

Reported to the standards board by Joe Anderson more times than I've had hot dinners, you can clearly judge a man by the enemies he keeps.


wheniwerealad said...

Needs a clip round the ear'ole !

Andrew said...

You had better watch out next time I see you Dude. I've got a rolled up newspaper with your name on it!!!

Anonymous said...

Is the Bow-wow Scooby-Doo's Dad ?

Tom Morrison said...

Hahahahahaha thats a classic, well done Dude.