Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spelling mistakes

Embarrassed wannabe MP Stephen Twigg and Croxteth's Rosie the rottweiler were forced to issue an apology after repeatedly mis-spelling Croxteth on their leaflets.

The red faced former schools minister described it as a "printing error" on the leaflet entitled "Croxteh Labour Rose" and referring to "Croxeth" within the text.

School teacher Heidi Minnaar told the Echo: “I for one will not be voting for anyone who cannot even spell the name of the ward I live in."

“It is indeed a very poor showing when those who wish to be our voice in politics cannot spell the name of the ward they claim to or wish to represent.”

I'm sure readers will now start picking up on numerous spelling mistakes on this blog, but it really is a bit pathetic if Labour can't spot such a glaring error in the title of your publication.


The late Bill Deedes said...

Labour Roes

Professor Y. Chucklebutty said...

You did spell Heidi Moaner's name wrong but considering you have to type with your paws, I hardly think anybody would dare criticise your spelling.

I do wonder how you manage with things like pressing ctrl - alt -delete at the same time - do you use your nose? My own dog would never be able to do that. He has no nose.

I know what you are thinking -

Your dog has no nose, how does he spell?


Anonymous said...

Clearly the Lib Dem West Derby and Croxteth camaigns are going ot concentrate on the big issues...

A real scouse boy said...

To be fair anonymous, it wasn't the Lib Dems who raised the issue or contacted the press.

...And nice one Chucklebutty, proof as ever that the old ones are the best - particularly when out of a christmas cracker!

sword of truth said...

Dude you are not being fair. Everyone knows that the leaflet with the spelling mistake was done by Sheila Murphy.