Friday, October 9, 2009

Jane's Gravy Train Tales

Someone has passed under my nose a recording of Roger Phillips interviewing Jane Kennedy about her expenses. I have picked out Gravy Train Jane's comments for your amusement.

Jane Kennedy: "I'm being accused of eating and being made redundant and receiving a severance payment."

Err, no luv. You are being accused of milking a system which you helped create over the past 17 years, claiming £13,000 on food and being paid £20,000 for quitting a job - a perk available only to bankers and ministers.

Jane Kennedy: "The total cost of the expenses that I am to the taxpayer of wavertree is about £140,000 a year includes 4 excellent people in the constituency office that has access off the high-street."

Oh dear oh dear, someone has had too many pork pies on their food expenses! You conveniently left your salary out of this figure, which last year was £104,000. So you cost the taxpayer £1/4 million.

Jane Kennedy: "We worked it out at about £2 per voter per year, thats about half the cost of a pack of pick and mix sweets."

You must buy your pick and mix in Harrods - on your food expenses no doubt. And it's £3.38 - you would expect the former Chief Financial Secretary to the Treasury to be able to add up.

Jane Kennedy: "well I didn't come into this job to make a lot of money, if I'd stayed as a council officer when I worked for Liverpool, i'm confident I would now be in a senior position earning considerably more that the £64,000 a year i make as an MP. If I'd stayed as a union official, I would probably be earning more than I am now.

Well she certainly believes in herself even if no one else does.

Jane Kennedy: "And in my time as an MP, two things personally that I have done for the constituency I am particularly proud of.
1. When I resigned as a health minister I was doing so because the government at the time was trying to bring in a formula that would have cut the funding to Alder Hey by £10million.
The second thing I am proud of is I was approached by the Liberal Democrat Council as was Louise Ellman to see if we could use our good offices to secure the £15million for Edge Lane. That is real politics. When the electors come to decide on value for money at the end of the day, I would like them to consider some of the points I am making to you this afternoon."

What a lot to show for 17 years work, I take it all back, clearly you are great value for money.

Jane Kennedy: "What the Liberal Democrats have no experience of is how hard you have to work as a government minister. There isn't a minister in government who doesn't work really hard, and they are working at the moment in extremely difficult economic circumstances."

Which you helped to create as Treasury Minister!

Jane Kennedy: "But you know you do the job because you love it, the pay is just the icing on the cake.

When you were a child did you sneak downstairs in the night and steal all the icing off the Christmas cake?

Jane Kennedy: "But in terms of the packages I have to pay back i'm not even going to get into it."

I bet you're not! You will probably need that money after next May.

More good reasons to joint the campaign to help derail Jane's Gravy Train.


Ethical Bill said...

She's got balls, I'll give her that. not to mention a brass neck!

Anonymous said...

where any of her expenses claimed specifically for xmas day?

no didint think so. any sardines?

A real scouse boy said...

Where any recipts supplied for her food, gas, electricity, council tax?

Thought not. She just claimed the maximum and got away with it.

Where any of the claims you mention dishonest, or unethical? No.

Where they claims for genuine expense? Yes.

Where they paid? No.

What did they cost the taxpayer? Nothing

Don't even dare try to compare any of that with Kennedy's greed.

Anonymous said...

What's that? Lib Dems clutching at straws? Laughable.

Manuel said...

Has she ever eaten in Capaldi's ? Did she claim ?

Up the Clapham Junction said...

And what has the Fat Controller got to say about all this ?...over to you Joe-Bo !

Football Chanter said...

JK's seat is going, JK's seat is going, la la la! La la la!

Fergie said...

I have no intention of apologising for my support for Jane Kennedy and I appreciate her steadfast support for my position at Man Utd over the years. Thank you Jane.