Monday, October 26, 2009

Who's seat is it anyway?

A master of improvisation, this next character was left dumbstruck after accidently becoming an MP in 1997. His employers failed to see the funny side, having been promised he had no chance of winning.

The folk of Enfield quickly corrected their mistake, and this cockney lad packed up his carpet bag thinking that the people of West Derby might like a less independent minded Labour MP, who would do as he was told.


nitpicker said...

dude.. surely the names are the wrong way round

Dude the Dog said...

Congratulations on spotting this week's deliberate mistake.

In my defense, they look so alike it was an easy mistake to make.

Gordon Browne said...

Are you sure you have got this right ? I thought it was Stephen Slattery and Tony Twigg

A real scouse boy said...

Both smarmy gits anyway