Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Your fired, darling

Wavertree MP (Gravy-train) Jane Kennedy looks set to be forced to sack her boyfriend under new rules to be approved by Gordon Brown.

Jane has refused to answer questions about how he was appointed, or even how much he is being paid from her expenses for his work as a researcher.

Questions such as who interviewed him (considering Jane's obvious conflict of interest), what were is qualifications for the job, and who assesses his performance have gone unanswered, leading to suggestions that his appointment was either blatant nepotism and a misuse of £1000's of taxpayers money, or a million to one co-incidence.

This is all the more hypocritical considering the public naming and bullying by Pitbull Joe against so called "Libdem Laura" - Assisted by his drinking buddy Marc the Weimardoodle - who's only crime appears to be being in a relationship with a Lib Dem Councillor.

But then we all know that's just a smokescreen to take the pressure off Gravy-train Jane don't we?

Luckily for her constituents, more and more wheels seem to be coming off Jane's gravy train. So Jane as a public service this link is provided for your reference next June.


A real scouse boy said...

Perhaps she could call in Labour's Enterprise Tsar to do the dirty work for her. That's one episode of the apprentice I wouldn't miss!

Anonymous said...

What is a Weimardoodle? Sounds like a very odd breed.

Anonymous said...

It's a cross between a Weimaraner and a Poodle - very appropriate if you know the personalities of these two breads


Yeah and look what's happening in Wavertree constituency. Kennedy has dragged the depths with her latest leaflet. Hypocritical libellous bitch (in the doggy sense of course). Meanwhile C.E campaigns to save Alder Hey Burns Unit. I know how people in Kenny will react when the slow-moving Labour "machine" gets round to delivering their filth through local letterboxes !

A real scouse boy said...

Story is that there is now to be a standards board investigation into Anderson bullying a council employee