Thursday, November 12, 2009

Keep it in the family

Peter Kilfoyle is under investigation for allegedly paying his daughter taxpayers money to produce an "Independent Report" supposedly proving the need for an elected mayor in Liverpool.

The report goes on to complain about "conflict of interests" and claim there is a "closed and incestuous shop". Would that be the same store you went to for your research Peter?

That anyone could be so stupid to try this on in normal times would be bad enough, but in the current expenses climate anyone with two brain cells to rub together would have realised how this would rightly blow up in your face.

As Joe The Pitbull would say, he should resign or be sacked by his party.

The arrogance of a safe seat perhaps made him think he could get away with it, but it could well mean another Labour held seat looking for a candidate in a few weeks.

Of course this leaves a dilemma for Steve Rotherham, Roz Gladden and others thinking of seeking selection for Wavertree. Why take on a seat you will probably lose, when a seat with a much larger majority might be just around the corner?


Excuse generator said...

Surely he will just decide to stand down for health reasons? Or perhaps decide he needs to spend more time with his new goldfish?

Yet another self professed slayer of militant and scourge of Gordon set to fall on their sword.

Walton Nick said...

Considering that Sir Thomas Legg is letting it be known that he will be come down particularly hard on MPs who paid money to members of their own families, i'd say the writing was on the wall for Kilfoyle

Show us the money said...

What a silly man? Gordon will be rubbing his hands together, before throwing him to the wolves.

I am not a public meeting said...

Oooh ! This is all so different from our own dear Wavertree !