Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"We've given up"

With all the current excitement I forgot to tell you all about my recent trip to London.

I popped into a meeting of the Improvement and Development Agency, just to find out what was going on.

From my vantage point under the buffet table I was astonished to spot two vaguely familiar faces, who looked amazingly like councillors Jim Knokes and Claire Wilner, discussing Labour's chances in Wavertree with another councillor.

"We've all but given up holding Wavertree," they said!

Come on, where's your fighting spirit?



Anna Rothery is the one for me !

Anonymous said...

I agree, Anna would make a great MP

FELIX said...

She IS a glamourpuss ! Woof !

Anonymous said...

Dude, you seem to get quite a lot more feedback comments than the Bulldog, even though she writes reams of stuff...mostly how wonderful the Labour Party is and how David Milliband is her new crush. Do you think she ever gets a bit lonely out there in cyberspace?

Ethical Bill said...

Word has it that this pair of clowns have been reprimanded for their indiscretion so far away from home.

After all, they flouted Anderson's No Fraternisation policy.

As Big Joe said, "Cross me and you're out!"