Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Three horse race

Despite Jane Kennedy declaring the "Two horse race" knackered and demanding the vets be called in to put the animal out of it's misery, its looking like there are only two or three serious candidates to replace her.

With a wafer thin majority and a new candidate faced with just 4 months to build a profile and catch up with 6 years of campaigning by Colin Eldridge, it's not expected that Labour will have people battering the door down to get selected. Not when there are safer seats going vacant elsewhere.

I have talked to Labour insiders over the past few days, and here are the odds for the most likely runners.

Roz (married to one of the militant 47) Gladden 4/6

Paul (parking pass abuser) Brant NON RUNNER

Steve (M'lord) Rotherham EVENS

Unknown outsider imposed from London 10/11

Malcolm (ex husband) Kennedy 14/1

Joe (The Pitbull) Anderson NON RUNNER

Anna Rothery 16/1

Liam (St Annes) Robinson 18/1

Luciana (Euan Blair's ex girlfriend) Berger 20/1

Ollie (Boot Camp) Martins 22/1

Nick (Twice Monthly) Small 35/1

Wendy (Pussy Galore) Simon 44/1

Susan (Sue-Bo) Boyle 60/1

Louise (Gratuitously Offensive) Baldock 100/1 outsider


There has been widespread disappointment (in the Lib Dem camp) as Louise Baldock has announced she will not run. Instead she says she will be behind her candidate, kicking ass big style!!! Ouch!


predictor said...

What.. no mention of Beatrice (the floorcrosser when she couldn't get her own way) Frankel.

Old Bill said...

Maybe Joe's criminal record excludes him from running.

I'm a roamer said...

I am shocked that there is so little support and clamour for Lou-Bo ! Why ? She is an icon !

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Colin defeat Lord Mandelson

Luckytogetawaywithit said...

I'm told Stevie Radford might be willing to run if Labour invited him ? Is there a chance ?

The late Robin Day.... said...

10,000 LibDem majority ?

Quietly confident said...

Don't get too cocky. 6 months is an eternity in politics.

Muriel said...

Mr Eldridge is so marvellous - he has restored my faith in politicians