Friday, November 20, 2009

A slap in the face

Long serving Labour party members where left seething and insulted after Lou-Bo and Gravy Train Jane invited an "intimate" group to hear David Mili-bland in a meeting at the Devonshire Hotel.

The first most Labour members heard about this was on Dale Street Blues where Mr Bartlett picked up on this secret meeting after my blogging nemesis "bragged about it on her blog," and hailed the availability of FREE tea and biscuits.

Bartlett's blog is now full of comments from angry Labour members who felt they had been slapped in the face by their own party.

Lou Bo, desperate to undo the damage, then claimed every Labour member in the North West had been invited by e-mail. Only for Labour members to respond, "oh no we haven't!"

One member, who was important enough to be invited, tried to defend the decison saying, "Foreign Sec's visits can't be too highly publicised as he needs added security".

So never mind chaps, your only good enough to go out delivering in the rain and the snow. They couldn't invite you because you might be "a security risk."

Go stuff some more envelopes, do some more canvassing, and you might get invited to have a mince pie with Joe Anderson.

While he was here, Bland (who is not a Mili) praised our very own Gravy Train Jane as the saviour of the Labour Party.

Apparently this upstanding woman who, we are told (mainly by her), almost single handedly fought Militant in Liverpool, is the same lady who claims she is quitting politics because those nasty Lib Dems make fun of her expenses.

Ah didums!


Anonymous said...

JK only turned on the Militant because she was a woman scorned...we all know how close she was to Hatton!!!

Keir Hardie said...

Notice that Ronnie de Ramper has no nasty commends to add here.

Nice work Dude, standing up for the rights of the ordinary Labour member against the centralised spin obsessed hierarchy we have today.

Ronnie de Ramper said...

It's 'comments', not 'commends', you pre-literate imposter.

If it wasn't for what I'd said on another blog, the parasitic guff spewed out on this blog wouldn't have seen the light of day

A real scouse boy said...

So your objection is against the forum rather then the content?