Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kilfoyle's Blackwash

Like Jane Kennedy, Peter Kilfoyle is another expert in the art of "blackwashing" receipts.

See if you can learn anything from this one?Thought not. You have to wonder what it is they are so ashamed of?


Kensington Kenny said...

Pass the bubbly old boy !

Anonymous said...

Isn't it bad enough that you assasinate one labour MP's character,you now have to move onto another.
When the Lib Dems actually have some credible policies, instead of mudslinging all the time, only then will the electorate take them seriously.
I predict Labour will win both Wavertree and Walton whoever are the candidates.

Nostradamus said...

Clean LibDem sweep in Wavertree - Parliamentary and City Council - sure thing !