Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Runaway Jane

As first suggested (exclusively) on Dude The Dog in August, Jane Kennedy is quitting parliament at the next election.

Among her stated reasons for quitting are the thought of a bitter contest to hold her seat, not wanting to be forced to give up her second (third?) home to live "in barracks", she added that not being allowed to employ her boyfriend after the election was also a factor.

Bizarrely she also claimed that she had tired of “highly personal attacks” from Liberal Democrats. I don't recall leaflets going out directly attacking her boyfriend. Only leaflets questioning her record as an MP and (very mild) questioning of her pay and expenses. In my book that's called public accountability.

Another factor must be the thought of having to dip into her own pocket for a very hard election campaign. Estranged from the leadership, with a tough battle ahead, and a party running on empty, she surely realised that she could count on little help from Labour nationally.

Tomorrow we will have a look at some of the runners and riders to replace her.

In the meantime, I offer her and her new puppy my sincere best wishes for their retirement. Hopefully her large severance payout (her third in as many years) and generous parliamentary pension will make the transition easier, and allow her to spend more time in her French villa.

Salute et encore merci pour le saucisses! Honnêtement, bonne chance et meilleurs vœux pour l'avenir!


Fifi la Poodle said...

Bon chien Dude !

punter said...

Dear Dude

Are you taking bets on Oliver Martins?

He tried W Derby, Lancaster, Leicestershire NW and Hyndburn. Will it be fifth time lucky for our hero?

tipster said...

Perhaps Rosie Cooper can do a sort of bad judgement chicken run.

Polyglot said...

"So Long and thanks for all the sausages"

I didn't know you were taking kickbacks from Jane's food expenses.

Shame on you Dude.

Bon Viveur said...

Can anyone recommend a decent red ?