Thursday, November 19, 2009

Labour thow in the towel

Prospective Labour candidates eyeing up Gravy Train Jane's seat might think twice after reading this article in The Times.

Labour is now so strapped for cash, and so certain of defeat, they are writing off 60 seats where they currently have MPs.

Seats with majorities of 3000 or less face being cut off completely, while others with larger majorities are being made to show evidence of campaigning in order to stand a chance of getting funding.

Meanwhile Labour MPs are complaining about being "fobbed off" with DIY tool kits and three quarters of Labour's 80 seat phone bank is lying empty, as the party has only funds to staff 20 phone lines. "Drastic cut backs" are being made as expected donations "fail to materialise."

It all begs the question if Liverpool Wavertree, notional majority of 3038, has escaped this list?

There has been little evidence of campaigning over the past 4 1/2 years apart from what can be paid for on Jane's taxpayer funded "Communications Allowance". Are the extra 38 votes really enough to save this seat for Labour?


Ronnie de Ramper said...

No, no. It's Colin Eldridge who throws in the towel. Ask Laura Gilmore.

Anonymous said...

You are obviously scared of labour in Wavertree, you seem to pre-occupy yourself with Labour Party business rather than minding your own

Dude the Dog said...

Dear Anonymous,
You lot in Labour are obviously running scared, since you spend so much time worrying about the musings of a little dog.

Polo said...

You can't even spell, never mind report issues with substance and truth.
If Jane is resigning then the building she works from obviously has to go!
If Eldridge rents it then he will be wasting his money as he will not win in Wavertree,