Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Winter's tail

Trotting down Edge Lane the other day I got a text message inviting me to the preview of the excellent Go Penguins exhibition.

It really is all very exciting and good to see that so many local school children have got involved with the project.

I am looking forward to trotting round town to see them on public display, but these three chaps agreed to be photographed with me while still in "cold storage" so to speak.

They were very friendly and certainly well worth a visit.

You can download a copy of the penguin trail map here.


Ethical Bill said...

Good to see you getting out and about a bit, work off the effect of all those sausages!

Got to agree those penguins are cute, even better than the lamb bananas.

Pingu said...

It was good of you to drop in Dude, and many thanks to the Lib Dem Council for commissioning us to go on display and raise awareness of climate change.

I bet Joe wouldn't have given us the job, he'd have spent it on his pay rise instead.

Ronnie de Ramper said...

I think it's brilliant, just absolutely fabulous that this LibDem blog has drawn attention to a bunch of decorated plastic penguins.

This demonstrates - not that it could ever be doubted - exactly how the LibDems assess the city's priorities. Of all the issues that could be blogged about today, this blog selects penguins.

Not, you notice, the damning report on Council tendering incompetence. Not either the absurd story headlining today's Daily Post seeking to railroad planning permission in favour of a Wirral 'restauranteur'.

Nope, none of that. Right in front of their brain, you find Penguins. Surprised? You're kidding me!

Frozen to the lamppost said...

I hope you didn't start cocking your leg on them !

Are they doing an Ice-flow Clucas Penguin?

Or perhaps a Waddle Bradley?

How about a Paul Cleinmate Change?

A real scouse boy said...

Ronnie, I don't think you quite get the concept of a blog. It's not News at 10, it's a collection of musings and activities of the blogger. And Dude's decision on what to write about is final.

If you want to see a blog discussing the merits of what the Daily Post puts on it's front page, go and start one yourself.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie De Ramper is rapidly becoming the chief troll of the Mersey political blogs.

Dude the Dog said...

To suggest I would do such a thing! I would never cock my leg on a major piece of public art.

The Spy Who Came In From The Cold said...

What's your problem, Ronnie? The penguins are very popular with families and kids alike. You jealous or what? Why don't you go and blog somewhere else for a change. Oh yes, you can't be bothered unless it's anti-Lib Dem. Isn't that what you've been told to do by Joe Ando, the brainless one?

Plottingthecoup said...

Can we have a Joe Anderson penguin please ?

Polo said...

Ronnie de Ramper hits the nail on the head, although the penguins are cute and all that, the City is in debt and services are being cut left right and centre! Regardless of the fun aspect, how can this expence be justified?
Also how can the expence of Bradders be justified going to other countries? Trying to sell Liverpool is good but the cost to the tax payer in such dire conditions cannot in my opinion be justified.
If this blog is not political, then why bother mentioning political issues?
Make your mind up Dude.

Mr Chips said...

"Expence" (twice)! No wonder Labour people have problems with returns.

Polo said...

Mr chips, whatever was written twice, does not change the topic. What do you have to say on the issue?

Mr Chips said...

Penguins are better than penquince

Ronnie de Ramper said...

First the Lib Dems brought us Stupidlambanana; then multi-coloured penguins. Next May, they will hang round the neck of Liverpool's citizens a £120 mill Albatross

A real scouse boy said...

And that's why we wouldn't have had capital of culture under a Labour council.
It's attitudes like Ronnie's in the Labour party that helped turn Liverpool into an economic no mans land in the 80's and 90's.
And yet again we see proof that they still haven't learned anything.

Dude the Dog said...

Polo, this blog like any other blog is my personal online diary to share a little dog's musings on the world, not an official chatroom or forum. I blog about everything from sausages to politics and anything else that amuses me. But as with all blogs I, as author, decide what I want to talk about each day.
I know that it's rapidly turning into THE place to discuss politics in Liverpool, but if you want a completely serious forum then go to Vote 2007 or UK Polling Report or any other site where people can start their own topics for discussion.

Ethical Bill said...

I'm looking forward to the next Labour leaflet attacking the penguins and lambananas. Go on, I dare you to tell the voters.

Polo said...

Oooh winey little mutt are you not?