Monday, November 9, 2009

Long arm of the law

Another lookalike has been sent in for your amusement, one used to be a law enforcer while the other was a law breaker.

Actor John Savident used to be a policeman before appearing in the cop show Z cars.

Joe Anderson however felt the other end of the long arm of the law, with his publicly self confessed "criminal record" for stealing cash from a parking meter, before later becoming a pub landlord. Yet legend has it that Joe's pub was a million miles away from the cosy Rovers Return.

Keep those lookalikes coming in!


Sosadaboutjane said...

I don't know his politics but could John Savident be Labour's candidate to replace Kennedy ? They wouldn't know their arse from their elbow then.

PC Plod said...

He should have his collar felt again for perverting the course of justice if the echo report has any truth to it.

Anonymous said...
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