Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shutting up shop

We keep hearing rumours that Labour have all but given up on Wavertree, well this could be the proof.

Thanks to one regular reader who send in this photo last week of Labour HQ on Prescott Road, with a For Rent sign outside.

Office space and print room to let? Available from May 2010.
For reasons not entirely clear, Gravy Train Jane rents this office from the owners of Liver Launderettes and, of course, charges this to her expenses.

Of course that this is also Labour's campaign office for the city, complete with taxpayer funded risograph printing press and phone bank (naughty naughty) so the loss of this facility will surely hit Labour hard after the election.

Maybe Lib Dem Colin will put in an offer to house his new office?


Mrs Gillian Smith said...

Frank Doran would also be able to hold his Councillor's Surgery there. It's worth a thought ?

Fortresskensington said...

or the truth in that the residential flat above the premesis, (nothing to do with where Kennedy rents) has recently been refurbished and is for rent

try harder dude #anotherlibdemfail

Im also as a tax payer very concerned about your allegations re misue of funds. You have proof surely ?

Anonymous said...

She didn't leave that long, the ink is barely dry on her resignation letter!


Fortresskensington ? Dear oh dear oh dear !

Ethical Bill said...

Well Fortresskensington, having personally seen the two inch thick file of evidence, I doubt the councillor concerned is going to try and dispute the allegation.

fortresskensington said...

ethical bill- why have the echo/post etc not been given this evidence to expose this alleged wrongdoing.

sure any dossier with evidencw would be front page news!

A real scouse boy said...

I don't think Dude is responsible for what the Post & Echo choose to not publish

Polo said...

Where is the Lib Dem office then?v If you have one, who pays for it?

A Real Scouse Boy said...

You're obviously not from Liverpool Polo, or you would know where the lib dem office is. And no it's funded in any way by the taxpayer.
For you not to know any of this you are probably either a candidate for council in Camden Town or a friend of one

Ethical Bill said...

Polo, with that ignorant statement, I think you will find that you have a large hole where your credibility used to be.