Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chip off the old block

As if Joe Ando's tall stories weren't bad enough, we now have a Jo Anderson standing for Labour in Old Swan.

Yes, you guessed it. Jo is the daughter of Joe and seems to have the same problem as her father when it comes to getting facts straight.

Jo-Do seems to believe that those nasty Lib Dems are cutting fire engines at Old Swan fire station, ignoring the small detail that Merseyside Fire Authority is actually run by Labour and Tory Councillors.

So while her dad's colleagues vote to cut fire engines, she gets overheated pretending to be single handedly fighting to get the fire engines back.



I despair !

Anonymous said...

i have been listening to the local radio and the different problems that have arisen owing to the severe winter weather, i was never interested in politics as i always saw the leading politician as point scorers against each other rather than trying to make things better.

today nothing changed, i listened in absolute disbelief as a councillor moore came on the radio attempting to say that liverpool had failed to plan effectively for the severe weather. this is clearly shortsighted political rubbish at its very worse.

each and every council has problems in dealing with such conditions, and blame cannot be apportioned, so why did this niaive politician attempt to
do that. councillor moore should immediately resign as he doesnt know what hes talking about.

we need real honest people representing us, not political point scorers, is it any wonder nobody votes.

Cleo the Cat said...

Can I thank those very nice people from the Labour Party who very kindly brought me and my friends Christmas hampers, apparently we got them cause we said we'd vote Labour. FOOLS! I told my friends in Mere Green in Walton and they too received a hamper in exchange for a completed postal vote form.

Anonymous said...

Dont knock Joe Anderson, he is a conviction politician. Most notably a conviction for stealing council cash from parking meters.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Moore must go !

Anonymous said...

Dude, have you noticed yet more death threats against you? This time on Baldock's blog.

Its not all bad news though, Dave Bartlett is clearly a fan, see today's Dale Street Blues.

Anonymous said...

It's strange that Lou-Bou would leave that comment up considering the amount of problems her blog has caused her in the past..