Friday, January 29, 2010

Poor showing

I'm told that the greens on Wednesday night tried to introduce a pay cut for councillors who fail to attend 70% of their meetings.

This was roundly defeated, not least by aspiring Council leader Councillor Anderson who attended only 57% of his meetings in 6 months.

Ah wait, I hear you say.

A busy and important man like Councillor Anderson must have lots of meetings to attend, he can't be in two places at one!

Well, he has made a point on keeping his commitments to time consuming meetings to a minimum. Therefor he was only expected to attend 7 meetings, just over one a month. And yet he attended just 4 of them.

Is this the same man who wrote to an independent panel demanding a pay rise for himself? No wonder they rejected him saying he wasn't worth it!

And this is the same man who's big policy idea for the last election was to give himself £50,000 a year to run the council.

So how much is he worth? Well currently we pay him over £20,000 a year. So for the last 6 months he has been paid more than £2,500 per meeting.

Meanwhile, hats off to Lib Dem Malcom Kelly, who attended 64 out of his 70 meetings in the last 6 months. Now there is value for money.

Have a fun weekend, lots of love and licks,

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Wembley Way said...

Is this the same Joe Anderson who now endorses Luciana from London who scores 1 out of 4 in the Echo Liverpool knowledge test ? Has Joe had a chat with her about Dixie Dean yet ?

Anonymous said...

Joe Ando is on his lazzies, he a pompous blown up fool who is being stabbed in the back by the disenchanted members of the Labour party. The only thing left for him and his bully boys is to tell lies lies and more lies about Lib Dem candidates like 2 years ago. Incidentally, when is Gerard Woodhouse in Court, and I wonder if the Judge this time will find is witness any more trustworthy..........I very much doubt it?