Monday, January 18, 2010

Wendy gets serious

So Wendy has decided to stand, has twisted arms and now has the public backing of her ward colleagues.

So that you can better imagine her as an MP, this lookalike image has been provided.

And to prove that she is really a serious political heavy weight, she tells us that her favourite pass time is playing with her two kittens. Ahhh!

The question is, will this be enough to truly turn this into a two horse race against the lovely Lucy?


Anonymous said...

Possibly the worst attempt at a lookalike you have tried. Better luck next time.
And so what if she has pets as a hobby - what's colin's? Pretending to clear up ice?

Pussy Galore said...

Yet to discover the final outcome of the Wavertree selection contest, but Wendy must be thrilled with the endorsement from her good friend Angela Glanville on her website ... “I think Wendy is the best candidate for Wavertree because so many local people are disillusioned with our Labour Government". If she's right, then Wendy's campaign could be "Hate Labour? Vote Simon". Bit of an own goal, there, don't you think?

Muriel said...

Mr Eldridge doesn't pretend to clear up the ice, he actually does it..as so many of my friends and fellow pensioners can testify.He must have saved many an elderly person from the misery of broken bones and relieved some of the pressure on local casualty units. A true gent and one who will be an absolutely marvellous Member of Parliament.

Enid of Elm Park said...

I would like to heartily endorse the sentiments of my good friend Muriel. Mr Eldridge once helped me across the junction of Sheil Road and Kensington and I will never forget him for his kindness.Yes, Muriel, you are right he IS a true gent. Compare him to that horrid Mr Hatton - Good Heavens ! Oh, and that Mr Anderson is SO vulgar !

Professor Y. Chucklebutty said...

I can vouch for what Muriel says about your Mr Sledridge, he was certainly putting in the effort, photographer on standby and waiting pre stamped letter to the Daily Post or not. There was no pretence about it, the poor man's face was bright purple. I was worried he might injure himself but fortunately I did spot what I think was Councillor Kemp on standby, wearing a rather saucy nurse outfit ( the tash gave him away) trying to come at him with a defibrillator that he had plugged into a mains substation. Fortunately, he slipped on the ice missing our hero but...and this is terrierble, he electrocuted somebody's dog by mistake.

But anyway, it's not just the councillors who made an effort, the Chief Executive was outside his office in Dale Street with his very own Silver and Ivory trim Art Deco grinder, spreading a little Caspian sea salt between his car park space and the entrance to the Municipal. All at his own expenses.

feline envy said...