Thursday, January 28, 2010

Do the Tories even know where Liverpool is?

After continual reminders from Dude the Dog, the Tories have finally updated their website to bring it into the new decade.

No longer are they building up to the 2008 local election, instead they have woken up to the idea of there being another election in town.

So now they are up to date and know what they are doing, right?

Wrong. The website now proudly displays a list of photos of their new parliamentary candidates "for Liverpool".

Adam Marsden - Walton
Richard Downey - Garston & Halewood
Dr Kegang Wu - Liverpool Riverside
Cllr Pamela Hall - West Derby (surely not a Liverpool Councillor)
Sohail Qureshi - Bootle (eh?)
David Dunne - Knowsley (what?)

Bootle and Knowsley in Liverpool? Is this some Tory policy we don't know about yet? Or are the Tories so out of touch with cities like Liverpool that they don't know where the boundaries are?

And surely they have not forgoten about Alf Garnett standing in Wavertree? I understand it was only incorporated into the city of Liverpool in 1895, so we can't expect you to have caught up yet.


Meanwhile, Wendy Simon was spotted on Matthew Street drowning her sorrows... her friend and supporter Cllr Baldock nowhere to be seen.

Dude the dog is still away, come back I need I.T support!


Booby Moore said...

Where is Alf ? Is he undergoing a make-over in line with the new Tory image ?

Grapes of Wrath said...

Who where these people who saw Wendy? Who was Wendy with?