Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I was greeted yesterday morning with the disturbing sight of Labour students on heat following Luciana's appointment as their candidate for Wavertree.

I do hope someone has a bucket of water ready for when they try and start rubbing up and down her leg.

Just look at their facebook page here

"Liverpool Young Labour are itching with excitement as Luciana Berger is the PPC for Wavertree"

Seriously guys, you really need to get some cream for that. Perhaps Nurse Baldock will help rub it on for you.

Only a few days ago "Morticia" Berger (nice one Dude) was due to set pulses racing in Labour's safe Council Ward of Somers Town.

"I didn't know Liverpool had such a ward," I hear you say!

Of course it doesn't. This is Camden Town in London, where Luciana's pro Israeli activities failed to impress the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, issued a rallying call to the wards 23% Muslim population.

I'm sure she will get an equally warm welcome in Liverpool, with local people fighting amongst themselves at Lime Street on election morning to help her with carpet bag as she gets off the train.

Dude The Dog is away.


Pomeranian Pete said...

I do hope Dude's OK. He's not being vetted is he ?

Ethical Bill said...

I think he may have taken some well deserved time off. I know he has been under the vets recently from the stress of all these Labour death threats.

Cyril the Squirrel said...

It gives me paws for thought

Polly Poodle said...

Dude is a very brave little chap the way he stands up to these Labour bullies