Sunday, January 24, 2010


What great news, it's Berger after all!

As you would expect, I'm particularly fond of a Burger, so I'm very pleased that one has been selected for Liverpool Wavertree.

There was a brief scary period when even I thought Ms Berger might not get in, despite being the sole Luciana on the Luciana only shortlist!

The thought of having to find anything interesting to say about monochrome Wendy was too hideous to contemplate. To be honest, I had already decided to hang up my collar and lead and stop blogging if Wendy was selected - there is that little worth saying to her.

Now you can rest assured I will carry on with gusto and you can look forward to weeks of juicy Luciana revelations to keep you in stitches.

It's time for a lookalike methinks... come back tomorrow and all will be revealed. Let the game commence.


Lassie said...

Can't agree with you more, Dude. Bring it on. Apparently, when Luciana was being elected to the NUS National Executive, she was so embarassed of her party affiliation that she ran as an independent[?]. Wonder if that came out during her selection campaign? I doubt it. Actually, I feel a bit sorry now for Wendy Simon since she would have actually put the work in - not enough to win but it would have been a decent contest against Colin Eldridge who must, now, be the firm favourite. Wendy's list of supporters must be pig-sick with the result coming so soon after the recent news on the Council Budget.

Anonymous said...

This smacks that the Liverpool Labour Party are being run from London, sadly Joe And o & co have no control over destiny; maybe Louise will have the last laugh after all!!!!

That reminds me, when is the County 'Rose' candidate in court on assault charges, it wont be too far away now I bet.

Anonymous said...

It's going to be the battle of the non-scousers in Wavertree! Where are all the good local candidates? Is Bristol closer to Liverpool than London?

Joy Unbounded said...

Oh Dude ! I am so happy for you. You deserve to roll over and have your tummy tickled. Mr Eldridge is now a shoo-in. Yes, poor old Wendy, rejected by her members and facing imminent council defeat (good old Lou-Bo'll show her the way). I'm going straight out to buy you a pound of Camden-recipe sausages.

Mrs Furious Gay said...

I'm celebrating with pink Champagne, darlings...and some caviar - as im sure the notorious socialists Jane & Luciana are too.

No pan of scouse for me, luv...

Sally The Sheepdog said...

It's unbelievable that they could be so stupid.