Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Frankly Mr Shankly, I've never heard of you!"

Luciana certainly had one of the worst first week's for any new parliamentary candidate in living memory.

However my favorite had to be the Echo local knowledge test in the Echo on Friday.

Luciana Berger takes Liverpool test

by Ben Schofield, Liverpool Echo

LUCIANA Berger was slammed by party colleague Peter Kilfoyle for not having enough local knowledge to represent voters in Wavertree.Leaping to her defence, a Labour official claimed everyone who had met her was 'impressed by her experience and local knowledge'.But not satisfied with that, the ECHO decided to test Ms Berger with a local quiz. The result: 'must try harder'.Here's what we asked and her answers.Who gave their name to Liverpool's airport?Answer: John LennonHow many Mersey tunnels are there?Answer: At least twoWho performed Ferry Cross the Mersey?Answer: I've no ideaWho was Bill Shankly?Answer: I don't know. On hearing who the Anfield legend was, she said: 'You can't ask a girl a football question.'Score: 2 out of 4

Well sister, you clearly ain't no Liverpool gal. Round these parts you're expected to know about such things.

So I will make you an offer. I will let you take me for a walk, and we can have a nice girlie chat.

I will tell you everything you need to know about Liverpool, such as the history of our 3 Mersey tunnels and I will give you the girl's guide to football - essential if you're going to survive here. And you can tell me all about Primrose Hill and why we should turn a blind eye to Israeli human rights abuses.

Speaking of which, I have been criticized for quoting the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, so for good measure here is a more mainstream article by the respected Independent columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown on shadowy influence and LFI's role in dodgy fundraising. And another on Spinwatch.


Bring back Dude said...

Oh dear Sally.....

Before telling others to do their homework, how about you do your own?

Your 2 sources:

1. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. Is this the same Yasmin that commented about an event she hadn't even been to? http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/yasmin-alibhai-brown/yasmin-alibhaibrown-my-journey-into-the-heart--of-the-white-middle-class-1801352.html

What a credible and respected journalist she is....


2. Spinwatch. Who writes that? EXACTLY!

Luciana's had a great first week. She's been in the papers every day. She's had more coverage and attention than Colin's ever had.

And Colin's first leaflet that's going out to the residents of Church ward and beyond this week - was it to discuss all those really important Lib Dem policies? Was it to outline what Colin's going to do for the people of Wavertree? Did the lealfet detail Colin's great experience?


It attacked Luciana.

Why? Because that's all you can campaign on.

A real scouse boy said...

Nice try and all that, you carry on telling yourself that all publicity is good publicity. But Thats not the view of people on the doorsteps today who , unprompted said we want her to sling her hook back to London!

ON YER BIKE ! said...

Yup, roll up your sleeping bag Luci babe and go back to patronising the people of Camden.

Ludicrously Sober said...

make mine a pint of whatever you've been having. If that was a great week for luciana, i cant wait to see what to see what a bad week is going to be like!!!

The Fluffy Club said...

The Mail on Sunday is such a GREAT read. I shall be writing to them suggesting they launch a special reduced price promotion for Merseyside