Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The blogsphere has been awash with rumours that my nemesis Louise (Lou-Bo) Baldock is throwing in the towel, started I have to admit, by a scurrilous visitor to your favourite blog site posing as the lady herself.

You will be as revealed as I am to here that these rumours are not true, and Ms Baldock does indeed intend to lose her seat in May at the ballot box... sorry that should have been fight!

The rumours were speared on by news that she is yet again being investigated by the standards committee for yet another foul mouthed outburst, this time in front of residents, as exclusively hinted at on these pages in the autumn.

You will remember how she was slated for referring to all Liberal Democrats as b*stards, so we can only guess how a second more serious offence will be dealt with.

I will end with a word to our mysterious commentator, I know you are reading.

Impersonation is never nice, it's not clever, and you have put a lot of people to unnecessary stress and worry.

You have let me down, you have let your own pets down, and most of all you have let yourself down. And when I find out who you are, you will be banned from this blog.

You have been warned!


A real scouse boy said...

I'm shocked. How dare anyone yank your lead like that. Banning is too good for them.

Andy Pandy said...

I'll bet Louby-Lou wishes she had stood down by the time Frankie's had his way at the ballot box !