Thursday, January 14, 2010

Incompetent plotters

Sorry for the delay in today's post chaps and lady chaps, I didn't feel well this morning and was sick on the carpet. I knew I shouldn't have eaten that abandoned curry I found while out for my walk last night.

Which reminds me of another story I forgot to fetch for you.

It was little noticed that one of the Curry House plotters against Gordon Brown was none other than our very own Jane Kennedy, who's relationship with chief plotter Jeoff Hoon is well know.

As reported in the Grundian, in September Jane had been part of a plot to oust Brown, offering to run to be chair of the parliamentary party, but between her and the two other potential candidates they couldn't decide who would do it, and the plot fell apart.

Hoon then held back on criticising Brown, until he found out if Brown was going to give him a job he wanted.

Yet Jane stepped forward unto the breach to be part of the latest incompetent plot last week.

Surely this isn't the same Jane Kennedy who told Roger Phillips on 21st September that "the time has gone" to remove Gordon and that instead "for the sake of Liverpool, we have to persuade voters across Britain that it is worth sticking with Labour."

With Labour diving back in the polls again, it seems a funny way of doing that.


Anonymous said...

Dude, have you seen this story


ChutesRus said...

Can't believe sitting MP is backing Lucy from the smoke and her parachute.

Anonymous said...

And the same JFK who featured several pictures of Gordon Brown on her 2005 general election leaflets with nary a mention of Tory Blair………