Thursday, January 7, 2010

Free publicity

You've got to wonder who came up with the Green campaign strategy.

Their entire campaign now seems to be devoted to chasing their own tails as they seek to rebut Lib Dem leaflets, but is reprinting everything your opponent says about you really the best way?

For instance, until I checked their website and saw a reprint of this very funny postcard delivered to St Michaels Ward, I was unaware that their loony leader had said that families who jet off on holiday are as bad as criminals who stab people in the street.You would really want to keep such things quiet rather than rebroadcast it to everyone who missed it the first time round.

And I'm told there was even more fun at last month's council meeting, with Cllr Coyne demanding that the leader of the council notifies him every time he meets people in his ward.

Considering Warren is a firefighter for the area, I do hope he will be ringing Cllr Coyne at 2am to invite him along to emergency call outs.


Babes in the Phythian said...

Oh I do love Coyne. He clearly enjoys a bit of uproar in the chamber - who can forget when both Warren and Joe turned on him in trying to "feel the pain".

I think he enjoys the pain beyond all belief - just as well, good practice for when he loses St. Michaels badly in May

Up a gumtree said...

Whatever happened to David Icke ?

HilmaJHaugland said...
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Egg Foo Yung said...

What's this "Comment deleted" ? I was just going through my Chinese dictionary. How dare you spoil my fun !!

Dude the Dog said...

It was spam which, if clicked on, would have redirected you to some rather unsavoury websites.

A real scouse boy said...

What, the Liverpool Labour site or Baldock's blog?

Earthperson said...

OK ! Who's into climate change denial ?