Friday, January 22, 2010

Publicity shy

So the Tories finally got round to selecting their candidates in Merseyside on Wednesday, and all appeared for a photo shoot alongside Chris Grayling.

All except one!

A certain Mr A Garnett, whose mugshot we are still waiting to see, and will be standing in Wavertree.

Now fair play to them, at least the Tories have a candidate in Wavertree, unlike Labour.

But you can't help thinking Alf has already decided that he's wasting his time, after all it isn't the same constituency that Randolph Churchill fought in the famous by-election.

The only question is, will he keep his deposit in the big squeeze?

Oh and their website still says that they are building up to the 2008 local election. Come on catch up, we're all waiting for you!


Yer Darlin 'Arold said...

Isn't his son-in-law Tony Blair's missus's Dad ? And what does LFC loving Michael Howard think of Alf's support for the 'ammers ?

Keane Lover said...

Are you telling me his son-in-law is Tony Blair's wife's father?

And that his Labour opponent may actually be Tony Blair's sons former girlfriend?

What is it with Tony & Wavertree, huh?

Tony, Tony, if its all the same, please come and support Luciana's campaign!
All your literature will be put in the bin,
and secure the Lib Dems a glorious win!

Anonymous said...

There are no Tories left in Liverpool- they've all joined the Lib Dems!

Muchwallowing-in-the-Mire said...

Erm ? What does the conservative candidate do for a living ? It surely isn't true that he's a London banker ???????????????????

Anonymous said...

Where will you get your sausages now, Dude?

A real scouse boy said...

I'm sure all of us scouse gits will give him a suitably warm welcome!

Sally The Sheepdog said...

Dude, have you checked out what he does for a living? No wonder he doesn't want to be recognized!