Monday, February 1, 2010

Dude's sausages at risk

OK, this is my first attempt at a look-a-like, so I do hope this won't cause too much offence to Dude's regular sausage supplier.

This week we have a lookalike of Scunthorpe United manager Nigel Adkins and Croxteth Councillor (not to mention owner of Churchill's Food Emporium) Phil Moffatt.

It just goes to prove that us Liverpool girls do know a thing or two about football, Luciana.


Anonymous said...

Do Scunthorpe play in Orange as well?

Would U like to see my apron said...

I seem to remember - many years ago of course - a stall in the old St.Johns which sold Pork and Orange sausages. Does the recipe still exist ?

Nancy said...

Sally, where do you stand on the Fluffragettes ?

Anonymous said...

Dude's "regular sausage supplier"??

Dude, you're a dude ... is there something you're not telling us?

Anyway, owner of Churchills? Isn't it Bexley's now?? Come on Dude, stop dreaming of 'sausages' and get your facts straight !!

Anonymous said...

Dude I fear your sausages have already been lost my stinky lil pootch. Mr Moffatt's Churchills is now Bexleys and has been for a wee while now! So Ive heard, I shall miss his Manchester Tarts!

Anonymous said...

Which came first? Dude the Dog or Dude the Dog?

http://www.dudethedog.com <-- I see these guys could afford their own domain name !!!

A real scouse boy said...

You clearly can't read properly. Dude is currently away, or perhaps missing, he didn't post this article, Sally the sheepdog did.