Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Final Demand

And now for the latest round of the expenses saga (actually have any of our "Past their sell by date" MPs claimed for a Saga Holiday?).

Peter Kilfoyle was forced to repay £324.16 for Mortgage interest overpayments. Small beer perhaps, but maybe he should have employed his daughter to independantly research how much he was actually paying in interest before he put the claim in?

Meanwhile Jane Kennedy received a demand to repay £2,569.83 for Mortgage interest/council tax/utility bill overpayments and Mobile phone bills. But never mind dear, you got away with the £400 a month in food, and £20,000 "redundancy payment" for resigning twice. And of course you will be getting another £60,000 to soften the blow in May. Don't spend it all at once.

Of course, the taxpayer can expect much bigger windfalls from Labour MPs, such as the £20,000 that the boyfriend of lovely Luciana was forced to repay, after he was caught renting a flat from his sister.

But the prize for getting away with it has to go to Jane Kennedy's "close friend" Geoff Hoon who got away with building up a £1.7 million property empire by flipping his allowances.

Now that would pay for a few holidays in retirement!

Lots of love, Sally!


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