Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Two conspiracy theories for the price of one

It seems I have set the trend once again, and our Luciana is now the subject of satire across the city and nationwide.

I just came across this fantastic picture Liverpool Confidential complete with campaign interview with Jim Royle.

Meanwhile Labour's civil war escalated as Riverside Labour MP and Labour Friends of Israel member Louise Ellman accused Walton Labour MP Peter Kilfoyle of an "anti Zionist conspiracy."

Joe the Pitbull had already slammed Peter Kilfoyle, suggesting he was past his sell by date, only for Kilfoyle to hit back suggesting that Joe was incompetent.

At this rate will any of Labour's senior figures in Liverpool be talking to each other by polling day?

Top of the hate list of course must be Wavertree MP Jane Kennedy who created this mess in the first place by setting up her protégé.

You have to wonder if she's actually a mole trying to bring Labour down from the inside. Is this plan b from the curry house plot?


Anonymous said...

Lots of members and key activists are pissed off too!

Back to the drawing board said...

What are Lady Jane's future plans ? Clearly Burger's going to lose so that won't stand Jane in very good stead will it ? Countryside Alliance ? Advisor in some Israeli capacity ?

Cheese and Sceptre said...

Luciana Berger.

I have only one thing to say to you:

You Shmuck!

Eastern District Promise said...

I like to picture plan C and D, Dude.

Plan C: Infultrate the Liverpool Echo with Labour hacks. Um,.. Oh yeah. Oops.

um, ok Plan D: Select totally incompetant Labour candidates with either double-barrelled surnames in working-class areas, or ones with current legal proceedings against them.

Damn it! Not one original idea. Almost as bad as Labour's proposed budget last month...

The future is Eldridge said...

And so Colin Eldridge becomes Ladbrokes clear odds-on favourite. Burger taken a spectacular walk out in the betting market. Even at 8/11 you're still buying money by backing Eldridge - where else could you get such a gilt-edged return for a short term investment ?

The Mole of Edge Hill said...

Frank Doran, Warren Bradley, council officers et al in high profile tour of Kenny today. Baldock and Anderson skulking in a car trying not to be observed - losers !

Anonymous said...

Mole - I am surprised to see you highlight what has turned into an ethical behaviour nightmare for your leader and your SMT. I would draw a veil over that if I were you, it will definitely be ending in tears if the meeting on Wednesday was anything to go by. Or didn't Lawrence tell you that? He was there (the other two were "no shows" as usual)

Laurence said...

If you mean me being in Kensington, then I definitely wasn't there as you suggest. Louise Baldock can testify to that since she brought it up at the District Committee on Wednesday evening. I wonder who gave you that information...it wouldn't be the bogus "Louise Kingston" who wrote in to the Echo by any chance? You know, the one who's not even on the electoral register. I'd be very careful about trying that trick again in future.