Monday, February 8, 2010

Rolling pins at dawn

Pull up those stockings and put your curlers in, as Councillor Joe (batty) Hanson could well be drawing his rolling pin to star in a potential remake of last of the summer wine.

Co-stars, Compo (claim) Brant and Foggy (or is that tobacco smoke?) Kennedy, are yet to be confirmed.


Anonymous said...

do you think people laugh at this Joe is one of the hardest working Councillors in this City pity Twigger cannot work as hard HAHA

Charles Yankiah said...

by "Batty", are you suggesting this man is homosexual?

Ethical Bill said...

I think Sally is suggesting he looks like Nora Batty in this photo. I wouldnt try to read anything else in to it.

Personally I like Joe and have a lot of time for him. But if you allow such a photo to appear, i think it's on the Liverpool Labour website, you deserve to be taken the micky of!