Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Just as you thought the Berger campaign couldn't get any more farcical, in steps Jim Royle (aka Ricky Tomlinson) threatening to launch a classic "Berger my A*se" campaign.

Can't wait to see the window posters appearing.

And so she has become the subject of satire in a much more mainstream than the community than covered by this blog, as you can see here in The Spoof! Next stop Private Eye? Nothing to do with me, honest Luce!

Whether she did in fact think that shankly was a cut of meat, we can only speculate. But I do like the idea that Independent Labour activists could be putting Stan Boardman up as a candidate in Kensington & Chelsea - he would have about as much chance as our Luciana has here!

Yet she has come back fighting with half a barrel blazing. In her defense steps Cherie (any chance of a freebie) Blair. Must have cost you a pretty penny in free mugs.

However if you had visited Liverpool during Blair's premiership, you would realise that they weren't popular here even before Iraq.


Ronnie de Ramper said...

I see you like 'The Spoof' - when it suits you no doubt. Try reading its article on Liverpool sending aid to Haiti. Then tell me you still like 'The Spoof'.

One thing about this blog - it takes some beating in juvenile humour. But 'The Spoof' runs it close.

Rex said...

That's absolute nonsense Sally ! Cherie is much loved and revered in the city and Luciana would be well advised to highlight Cherie's endorsement of her in her election leaflets.

Anonymous said...

Its all going off in the Liverpool Labour party since Luciana was selected! when she loses they'll lose the labour groups offices in kensington (formerly Jane Kennedys office) and a few big name councillors despise Luciana, but nobody despises her more than Stephen Twiggs right hand boys Nick Crofts and Kevin 'bankrupt' Pilnick, they want her to lose so the party office is moved to Stephen Twiggs office. see you soon x x x

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - well done for your brilliant insight. Completely flying in the face of well known facts. It's no mean feat really to convince yourself against reality.

Anonymous said...

If you like your facts, how about this!!! Fact 1......
Young Sir Pilnick is soon to become a father and Crofts is livid (he see's kids as a restriction) so they are looking for a way to dump Pilnick, hence the picture of him schmoozing with Luciana turning up a few weeks ago.
The gruesome twosome where overheard discussing the move to Twigg's office at a recent West Derby fundraiser whilst Luciana was doing the rounds.
Fact 2......... Labours Knotty Ash candidate Jacqui Nas-who!! is being set up for a major fall by Twigg and Crofts, she has no chance of winning the seat and they have a new younger candidate in mind for the Knotty Ash seat.
see you soon x x x

TheCatInTheHat said...

Anonymous, Kevin 'Bankrupt' Pilnick, any relation to Phil 'soon-to-be-bankrupt' moffatt?? also wondering at what part of running luciana's campaign (as one of dudes fans has advised hes doing on a previous post) that pilnick decided to hate her?? kiss kiss kiss

Anonymous said...

Pilnick was running Luciana's campaign under Stephen Twigg's insistance, not because he volunteered.
The schmoozing picture that surfaced a few weeks back!! Stephen Twigg was conveniently not snapped despite standing a mere few feet away....convenient? watch your back Pilnick, the knives are out.
see you soon x x x

Anonymous said...

Pilnick only ran Luciana's campaign on the insistance of Stephen Twigg!
as for the schmoozing picture (not pictured was Stephen Twigg) who despite being only a few feet away, was not snapped!! coincidence or not, watch out Pilnick they want you out!!
see you soon x x x

Joe the Schmo said...

Is Ronnie de Ramper really Liam Robinson ? I have heard rumours