Thursday, February 4, 2010

Now her boyfriend quits

More bad news for Luciana, as her 41 year old Minister boyfriend announces he is quitting parliament, claiming he wants to be Mayor of Birmingham instead.

By co-incidence, a few weeks ago he was exposed for breaking parliamentary rules by renting his second home from his sister, and forced to repay £20,000.

Of course, he is best remembered as a childish blogger, making a sick Youtube video telling viewers it would be cool to sleep with David Cameron's wife and take his children away.

Our Luciana does seem to prefer to be associated with powerful people. Hanging round with the Primrose Hill set, allowing rumours that she was going out with Euan Blair, working for Jane Kennedy when she was a Minster, smoozing with the wealthy backers of Labour Friends of Israel, and going out with the Minister for creative industry.

So not only is she losing yet another powerful backer, they also won't be able to set up home together when she moves back to London in a few weeks. Will she be willing to slum it in Birmingham?

Luck that she still has her own flat in Camden to go back to.

But you have to wonder if this is going to put a strain on the relationship?

After all, why didn't the stupid man slip you the wink that he was quitting his relatively safe Birmingham seat, before you got lumbered with a no hoper oop north!


Mummy said...

Luciana ! You're to come home right now ! My friends keep phoning me up and telling me how shocked they are by your behaviour. You used to be such a nice girl playing with your dollies and prams. Where DID I go wrong ?

Anonymous said...

How sick can you get cant you fight on Policies

Oh I forgot you have none.

Anonymous said...

Big Joe Ando again!!!!!!!!!!! He's a busy little bee.

A real scouse boy said...

Oh lets look back at Labour campaigning under Joe's leadership? An unhealthy mix of personal abuse and repeatedly running the city down, and not a single possitive thing to say for yourselves since 1999. Get a small taste of it back and you start bleating from the moral high ground. You are just pathetic!

libdame said...

So Harriet Harmon has got Luscious Linda a nice seat under the all women rule- how odd its Luciania's boyfriends safe (?) Labour seat that Jack Dromy, Harriet's husband, has been parachuted into??? Mummy's advice to her daughter is wise...you dont know the company you are keeping darling...come home to Mummy ...