Friday, February 26, 2010

Please back Steve

Regular readers will be surprised to see me trying to influence Labour party selections. But I can't sit back and watch Steve Rotheram pushed out again by another high-flying parachutist imposed London.

So I am taking the unusual step of appealing directly to my many loyal (and not so loyal) Labour readers to do whatever they can to help Steve get selected.

This is no slight on Patrick Moloney, who is the Lib Dem candidate for Walton. I have yet to met him, but I am told he is also a very nice chap and would make a great MP. And it would be great to know that whichever of them won, Walton will end up with a good MP who will fight for local people.

I met Steve during his period as Lord Mayor, and will never forget how he took time to shake my paw and scratch behind my ear.

I can't say a single bad word about him, he is such a genuinely nice bloke, who has shown himself to be a good ambassador for our city.

With Steve Rotheram & Colin Eldridge working together, we would have at least two MPs who will put the interest of Liverpool above tribal party politics and fight for our city.

That's got to be better than the collection of malcontents and greasy-pole climbers, who have put their own promotions or egos first, that we have had to endure in recent parliaments.

Have a great weekend!

Lots of love & licks,


Effoff said...

I think Westminster deserves Louise Baldock

A real scouse boy said...

As one scouse boy to another, I agree it would be good to have at least 1 MP who was born here.

Steve's a good bloke. I won't be voting for him, but I wish him well.