Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Luciana's pledges

Arrogant Luciana may have ruffled a few feathers with her second leaflet.

She announces (several times) what she plans to do "WHEN I am elected as your member of parliament."

Voters may be surprised to learn that their imperious leader has decided that democracy will be suspended in Wavertree, as they can't be trusted to vote for the cockney lady in the red rosette.

So choice will apparently be taken away from them and Luciana will be your MP, even if none of you vote for her!

OK, admittedly that sounds just like the Labour selection (can you find any Labour member who will admit voting for her?)

Like all of my species, I study human nature very closely. And over the years I have picked up that people (in Liverpool at least) don't like that sort of arrogance, any more than they like carpet baggers.

What next I hear you ask? "When I am elected, I will have a very big house on my expenses... your just jealous!"

And as someone pointed out in the Echo letters page, she keeps on getting her leaflets printed in Cambridge (with her mates down south?) can someone please have a quiet word and explain that we do have printers oop north. Where does she think we print Whippet's Weekly and the "Which Cloth Cap" guide?


Anonymous said...

Can you just confirm where Liberal Democrat leaflets etc are printed?


Ferret down my trousers said...

She's a young whippetsnapper who needs to be taken down a pigeon perch or two

Anonymous said...

Presumably all the printers in Dorset she approached were busy printing Colin Eldridge's leaflets.

Ethical Bill said...

Read the imprints. All Focus is printed at 509 Smithdown Road using local labour and using paper/ink bought from local firms, or printed by Graphic Offset on Vauxhall Road In Kirkdale (supporting jobs in an impoverished Labour held ward).

You know full well that there is nowhere to print newspapers in Liverpool, even the Echo is printed in Oldham.

So why dont you try leaving out the fake moral outrage and instead do something to support local workers instead of responding with pathetic smear attempts. Wasn't that what the Labour party was set up to do? No doubt you have long since forgotten that!

Anonymous said...

ethical bill

As you know well most (all?) Labour leaflets are risoed (is that a word) at Prescot rd

the glossy stuff (and Jane K has been using the Cambridge priter for 18 months or more) are done presumbley cheaper by Cambridge printer

If I was a Lpool printer id be wanting to know how and why a cambridge printer is cheaper

oh how the people of this city must think we are sad nerds for both writing bogus letters into the echo pretending to be outraged.

Anonymous said...

lucianas doing us a great service in committing to living in Wavertree if shes elected, is this only if shes elected? dont you think the electorate should know this?

Ethical Bill said...

If I write to the Echo then i do it in my own name thank you very much.

Interesting to note though that you confess to writing bogus letters to try and con both the Echo and it's readers. I wonder if Mr Bartlett is reading this.

I can't imagine the Echo being very impressed to learn that most of the letters attacking the Lib Dems are actually fraudulently planted by the Labour Party.

Is there no depth you won't sink to?