Monday, February 22, 2010

green Eagle

Many thanks to the Eagle Eyed reader who sent this lookalike in.

Sam the Eagle is well known for thinking himself more "highbrow" and intellectual than the other characters on the show and has a great sense of superiority.

Any such similarity with a certain green councillor is purely co-incidental.

And so our long season of lookalikes could be coming to an end, unless you have other ideas?

Have you spotted a lookalike we haven't done yet? If so, send it in to me or to Sally quick as you can.


Sarah J said...

This is a totally unfair and grotesque charicature of a fine councillor who stands up for what is right and just.

You aught to be ashamed.

I would willingly die for him.

A worm's eye view said...

But would you have a woodland burial in a cardboard coffin ? Would he ? I think we should be told !