Monday, February 15, 2010

Richard McDursley

Watching a film with the kids over the weekend gave me another lookalike idea for your entertainment.

This famous resident of Little Whinging kept poor Harry Potter locked in the cupboard under the stairs for years, so no doubt we can thank Labour Councillor Richard Mclinden for influencing Daniel Radcliff's decision to come out as a Liberal Democrat.

And is that Nick small I see with him?


Anonymous said...

sick people What has Richard done to you

Richard along with Ann are 2 of the hardest working Councillors in this city proves it when they overturned you majorithy and we will have another Labour Councillor in May when Jean and Hubbie can go in the WINDSOR TO DRY OUT.

A real scouse boy said...

Yes how sick can you get? Comparing someone to an award winning actor, is there no limit to the depths you will plunge dude?

Anonymous, you really need to read the disclaimer at the top of the page, then check into a sense of humour clinic you sad, pathetic idiot

Anonymous said...

And we dont mean the Windsor pub in Walton Vale, we mean the Windsor Unit in Fazakerley Hospital.

The Daily Pist said...

I suppose they will be joining Marc Waddington then.