Thursday, February 18, 2010

Luciana's local pad

You will recall Luciana claimed in her first press release to have been living in Liverpool since last year, even though Jane Kennedy said "the kid had nowhere to stay" during the selection process in January.

Since then the hunt has been on to track down her home in the city that backs up this outlandish claim.

So full marks to Picton terrier Timbo, who may have sniffed out her rather compact, but cheap, accommodation address recently. And it has the added advantage of being able to be loaded onto a van for transport back to London on May 7th.


Travelling light said...

Oh ! So a cardboard box isn't good enough for her is it ?

libdame said...

Its all Warren's fault- He's banned all social and affordable housing, so ite either to keep the poor out of the City, a well known Tory trick- or its aimed at Luscious Luce in particular.

I think its the Tory Trick- keep oput the poor.. keep out the disadvantaged... dont let them near us- the lovely Lib Dems... after all the smelly poor wont vote for us, so why should we want them????

Wavertreee (with three 'e's) said...

Considering she thinks she can win, the only pad Luciana needs is a padded one.