Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pants on fire

The pork pies must have been well supplied as Luciana set up her website.

Her first sentence starts with, "Having moved to Liverpool last year..."

AKA Last month!

But as the Mail on Sunday revealed, she was actually staying in MP Jane Kennedy's house (which just so happened to be where the ballot papers had to be returned to).

As Jane said, "The kid had nowhere to stay and needed a roof over her head!"

So Luciana was homeless, no wonder housing is her number 1 priority! Although she admits she's not had time to think of the other two.

Unfortunately the nasty Council refused to give her emergency accommodation, just because she has a luxury apartment in Camden, where she was running for election until last week.

But here is the big question.

Does leaving a suitcase in a friend's house really count as living here?

In years gone by, eloping couples would evade residency requirements by leaving a suitcase in a rented room in Gretna Green for 21 days before the wedding.

We might turn a blind eye to such a white lie in the name of romance, but surely we expect better from a prospective MP?

Perhaps she has been taking tips from her ex-boyfriend's dad?


Anonymous said...

Any notice a wierd resmeblance between young Mr Blair and Jedward? :p

Poor student said...

So, Luciana signs a pledge not to increase top-up fees on the same day as her Labour Government announced a half-billion cut in University funding. She's either a liar, or stupid, or both. Either way, this hypocritical woman makes me sick.

Mummy said...

You're a very naughty girl telling such fibs Luciana. I'm grounding you for three months.

Anonymous said...

you sad fib dem bastards know nothing about campaigning other than personal attacks.
I hope you gang of sad creatures get their come uppance when the general election is called.
Get a life.

Anonymous said...

That's a really constructive comment, Louise.

Spotted Dick said...

Oh Louise is back. How nice !

Wavertreee (with 3 e's) said...

I don't think that was Louise.

I think it was Luciana - throwing her toys out of her pram.

After all, she is young enough.

Anonymous said...

All wrong, thats the sort of threatening behaviour Big Joe Ando uses in group meetings, just ask Rosie Bailey.........shes not standing again for Andersons party.