Monday, March 1, 2010

'avin' a giraffe

One of my regular readers on a visit to London spotted a likeness between this cockney geezer and the "Micky Mouse" Labour leader.

His history of bullying and thuggish behaviour has made him unpopular with many, so it's no surprise that the former pub landlord with a reputation for violence was voted number 2 in a poll of characters we most love to hate.

Always ranting when he's on our television screens, he usually ends up looking like a right bowler hat. And with rumours abound of plots to remove him in a few months, it looks like he could be well and truly rubber ducked!

Gotta dash, need to go outside for a "Rusty Lee"!


Grant said...

Leave it out, I'm not havin you goin round comparing my brother to that bullyboy.

You'll stop it right now if you know what's good for you Sally my girl! You're bag outa order!

Dude the Dog said...

You leave sally alone Grant, I say she's all right.

If you don't like it you can get out. It's my pub, and my rules.

What's goin on? said...

Maybe he can give us an update on what's happening with Rickaaaaaaayy!

A real scouse boy said...

Is the cockney theme just to make Luciana feel more at home?

Just proves how hospitable us scousers are doesn't it?.

Anonymous said...

Making her feel at home shouldn't extent to accepting her support of the vile "current bun"!

Sally The Sheepdog said...

Thanks Dude for the support.

Grant, I think you mean that I am "Bang outa order", I don't think any bags are involved!!!

Anonymous said...

Nah...he looks more like Big Daddy or a very ugly Kojak!!!

Peggy said...

You're alright treacle, he's just got a big mouth. I won't let him hurt you.