Sunday, April 6, 2008

Snow in April

What a surprise when I woke up this morning. I put my paws on the window sill to check what was going on in the street, and there was snow outside - in April!

I only had a few minutes to play outside before it was time to get back to chasing the campaign tail, sorry, trail.

We were out delivering the newspaper again, and boy was it cold out there! Occasionally Steve would dry my paws to make sure I didn't get frost bite between my pads - he is a considerate owner!

The newspaper reveals how everyone would have to pay an extra £144 a year in Council Tax if Joe the Pitbull becomes top dog in Liverpool.

It is a big worry, I certainly don't know how I could afford it. Maybe I could raise some money by putting adverts on this blog? Somehow I doubt even that would be enough to pay the bill. I might have to work nights as a guard dog!

Will try and work even harder to make sure that never happens. Just think of all the sausages £144 could buy!
Lots of doggie love

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