Friday, April 25, 2008

The Waggy Tailed Philanthropist

One of the things I most enjoy, is the number of people I have been able to help as I trot around on the campaign trail.

I am getting so well known that humans keep stopping me on the street, or on the doorstep, to ask how the campaign is going and often to ask us to help.

Often it is an easy problem such as a pot hole, graffiti or broken street light. A quick yap at Liverpool Direct - job done!

Sometimes it is a problem that the human has been trying to fix for years, but no one in authority has taken it seriously. I had a lovely elderly lady who was very distressed because a clerical error with the land registry had caused her house to be listed as two flats.

A minor problem you would think, which she had spent years trying to fix, but then she started getting threatening letters from TV Licensing, that they would send in enforcement officers to raid her home, unless she bought a TV licence for the other part of the property. After a few e-mails, we got it sorted for her, permanently.

A few problems are more complicated, but we will do our best and keep them informed.

Also, I never realised the number of forgetful humans who leave their keys in the door. I always knock on the door to tell them (sometimes I have to flip the door knocker with my nose) and they are always very grateful. A few have praised me as a wonderful dog and given me a biscuit...Yum!

Most of them also promised me their vote but, regardless of that, I enjoy being helpful.

Dude The Dog - Our Canine Champion!

Catch ya next time.

Lots of Doggie Love,

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