Friday, April 18, 2008

All go on the campaign tail

Another busy day in my campaign.

Writing leaflets, direct mail letters, folding and stuffing, delivering, door-knocking, taking photos, chasing up casework (and having to go to meetings).

We have got most of our leaflets out and continue to garner great support everywhere we go. Loads of people are recognising me, and everyone is so friendly.

A couple of things are worthy of mention today

I stopped counting our petition returns ages ago, but more arrive every day.

We were canvassing tonight. Lots of evidence of switching, the Labour vote is not soft any more, it is now crumbling. Actually, soft things don't crumble, they just squish and squash like a squeaky toy.

Humans are rightly fuming with Labour over their tax rise for people on low incomes and Joe the Pitbull's would be Council Tax rise.

And after seeing Rosie the Rottweiler's e-mail, she's about as popular as a six month old biscuit at the bottom of the dog basket.

I am feeling confident, everything is looking good, and I had sausages for tea!

Catch ya next time

Lots of doggie love,


Moaning Mldred said...

After the mess you and your Lib Dem sort have done to this City, I think you have a bleedin cheek asking for our vote in May 2008.
If I had my way Fib Dems would be banned from office.
You are all no better than the BNP.

Dude the Dog said...

Not your most flattering photo cllr bulldog!

So you want to ban all parties that disagree with you, and regard the BNP as as much of a mainstream party as the Lib Dems? What does that make you?

Oh and your IP address has been logged!So beat it. I can reach the gate in 3 seconds, can you?