Friday, April 4, 2008

Fame at last!

Lots of nice colour FOCUS leaflets going out at the moment with my picture on.

And they are obviously very effective as I keep getting recognised in the street and in the park. People keep wanting to come and chat and stroke my coat. A girl even offered me one of her chips, but unfortunately forgot to mention it had vinegar on it, ugh!

Nevertheless I am starting to think there might be some perks to this new-found fame.

In the park, a very pretty Border Collie called Susie came over to wish me luck. I hope to meet her again.

I am worried though that I won't be able to do normal doggie things once everyone recognises me. Do I have to stop cocking my leg against cars? And what is the etiquette for sniffing other dogs bottoms in public when you are famous? If any of you know the answer, please leave me a message.

There must be other dogs involved in Liverpool politics, I must try and get in touch with them for tips on how to cope with all this.

Catch ya next time!

Lots of doggie love,

1 comment:

Maggie said...

Hi Dude

Just thought id let you know you look cool! Didnt know I had a famous cousin

See you soon for a walk - if your not to busy!