Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A not so faithful friend

More news from the campaign tail.

Labour's Liam the Lurcher has been going round Kensington & Fairfield promising to be their faithful friend.

What he isn't telling them is that he's also making the same promise to people in Fylde, near Blackpool.

In fact he is hoping to trot off to London as a Blackpool MP. You can bet if he wins in Blackpool he will drop the people of Kensington like a hot sausage.

Naturally, Labour voters in Kensington are feeling cheated and betrayed.

Kensington bloodhound, Frank Doran sniffed out the story and is now busy delivering the news to local people. Frank has been top dog in Kensington for 30 years, and people know he won't be moving to Blackpool after the election.

I wonder what my blogging nemesis, The Bulldog, must be thinking about this one?

I will keep you posted.

Lots of Doggie Love,

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